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Home Safety Awareness : DIY Asbestos Testing Mackay

One day maybe you wonder whether or not your home contains asbestos. As we know, asbestos-containing material (ACM) is widely used in 1980s and mostly can be found in roofing (roof asbestos removal read here), wall sheeting, floor sheeting, fencing, eaves, insulation and hot water systems. If you are planning on doing  asbestos testing by yourself, then you need to obtain asbestos testing kits. These days, you are able to purchase ACM testing kits everywhere. You can also purchase it online.

asbestos testing and sampling in LAB Mackay

However, though many testing kits are retailed, but it is still arguable whethere or not they give an accurate result. But, if you sill want to try home-based testing methods by yourself, then here are what you need:

  1. Spray bottle
  2. Plastic sheet
  3. Disposable protective gloves
  4. Face mask
  5. Scissors
  6. Plastic bags
  7. Permanent marker

Cautions: Do not disturb the surface of the suspected product until you receive the test result.

Bonded asbestos (non-friable materials) is often not dangerous. However, as time goes by and our home gets older, the chance of non-friable products to be damaged is high. The damage bonded materials can be dangerous when they release fibres into the air.

Once the toxic substance gets into our respiratory system, most likely a person will be at a high risk of developing ACM-induced diseases, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancers. If there is a situation where handling such material is unavoidable, you must follow some precautions.

How to conduct the test safely?

Generally, every building must be checked for fibrous products. But it becomes critical, when you own a property that was built before 1990. Fibrous products were extensively used as building material from the1920s until the 1980s since their hazardous effects were not recognized.

To get an accurate result, it is the best to conduct a sampling collection and send the samples to an accredited laboratory for further analysis.

Follow these following steps to conduct a safe sampling collection:

Step 1: Identifying potential contaminated area.

You can read from many sources about where can usually ACMs found in a house. You can check the links below for further information.

Common location of fibrous material in domestic and commercial buildings:

Where and when ACMs were used:

Step 2: Quarantine the contaminated area

Ideally, homeowners should stay away from the contaminated area for at least two days before the testing work. Do not vacuum or clean the suspected area before examining for fibers. The ventilation or cooling appliances should always be turned-off before collecting the sample because such appliances have the tendency to suck away the dust particles.

  • Wear a face mask and plastic gloves when you start sealing the area.
  • Spread a plastic sheet on the floor then fill a spraying bottle with a mixture of water and soap.

Step 3: Dampen the suspected material

Spray the suspected material repeatedly. Ensure that the mist is dispelled in every part of the area. The moist ensures that the dust begins to settle on the plastic sheets. Cut a small section of the plastic sheet with a scissor.

Step 4 : Put the sample in sealable bags.

After you get the sample, put it immediately in the plastic bag and label it with a permanent marker. Put  an ID number, the date, and the time of sampling collection.

Step 5 : Send the sample to a registered laboratory

Send the sample to an EPA-accredited laboratory. Keep the area clear and clean until you get the report. If the result says positive, you can start to get a cost-estimate for removal jobs.

Should I do DIY fiber testing?

Dealing with ACMs may become dangerous and complicated. Asbestos exposures may risk your health and your surrounding. That is why the Australian Government highly recommend you to hire a licensed removalist who have gone through training and have a certification in doing asbestos related works.

Another aspect that you may take into consideration is, if you choose to buy an all-in-one kit, you need to check whether the price also covers the laboratory fee. You can check that beforehand because the kit itself doesn’t come up with an actual examining method.

Hiring professional contractors might be the safest way to carry out the project as they will carry the job safely. You will also get a reliable test report back than dealing with a DIY fiber testing kit.

Tips to Hire Qualified Contractors for Asbestos Testing Mackay

Remember, Diy testing is often complicated and unsafe. This is why you need to hire an expert to do the job.

Mackay asbestos testing

Here are tips on choosing a right professional to do asbestos testing Mackay works:

Tips #1 – Look for a licensed contractors

The Queensland government has regulations on who can legally perform ACM-related works. Only a person with Class-A or Class-B license can do an ACM work.

They are reliable since we selectively choose them for their great skills and their professional conduct. Our endorsed contractors strive to deliver a complete and safe process of asbestos examination at your premise.

Tips #2 – Choose contractors who have vast experiences

Extensive experience in dealing with fibrous products will make workers know how to do the job effectively and efficiently. After the work is done, our approved assessors will do a thorough inspection to ensure that the work area is cleaned and decontaminated.

Our endorsed contractors know what to do and can carry the job in accordance with national, local regulations, and also safety procedures.

Our approved members are highly skilled and experienced. They know how to address each clients’ unique needs. Since time is valuable for everyone, our approved members will give you a clear action plan that will be only executed within your approval. Rest assured your project will be keep on track.

Tip #3 – Insured services

Many risks are faced during the removal or testing work. Though our members follow the protocols and take extreme precautions, accidents may still happen. Since our endorsed removalists are fully insured, clients would not need to worry about paying additional costs in a case of accident.

Tips #4 – Choose contractors with new, modern and standardize equipment

Look for contractors who are equipped with personal protective equipment and other safety equipment. The asbestos examining job should be carried out in compliance with national legislations. Moreover, the removed asbestos material must be disposed of properly.

Make sure to find contractors who provide complete and extensive services. Our approved contractors provide vast services to handle fibrous materials from an initial testing to the disposal of hazardous waste.