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Check your garage ceiling for asbestos!

A visual inspection of your roof is not sufficient to determine if it contains asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). To get an accurate result, you can do an ACM testing by doing sampling collection and sent the sample to a certified laboratory for further analysis.

When you get the report from the lab, you may decide the next step you want to do with your roof. But if you are already certain that your roof contains fibrous materials, you can inspect your garage roof to see whether or not it needs to be replaced.

If the fibrous roofing has been weathered, to the point where it’s considered as severely damaged, then you should consider to replace it. If you prefer to coat your roof rather than changing it, then you may need to hire a professional to do the job.

Remember : asbestos fibres can kill. So, take care and follow all guidelines.

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Tips to Do a DIY ACM Ceiling Removal

You are permitted to do an ACM roof removal work yourself as long as you take appropriate safety precautions. The maximum area that is allowed by the regulations to be removed is a maximum of 10 square meters of non-friable materials. Usually you may found ACMs in your roofing sheets or fencing products.

These following steps are needed to be followed to prevent fibre exposures that may risk your health and your neighbors’ health.

  1. Purchase a disposable overall and personal protective equipment (PPE). You have to wear a disposable clothing and approved dusk mask before handling the fibrous roof sheeting.
  2. When you do asbestos roof removal Mackay jobs, make sure you do the jobs when the weather is calm. It is to prevent the widespread of fiber dust from your garage structures.
  3. Put a warning sign to warn others that you are working with fibrous materials.
  4. Spray the fibrous products with a mixture of water and soap to damp down the fibres. It can reduces the possibility of airborne fibres being released during the work.
  5. Cut the bolts using croppers. Be careful not to disturb the ACMs by breaking the fiber sheets into pieces.
  6. Wrap the sheets in 500 to 1000 gauge polythene sheets and seal them with tape. You can also wrap the roofing sheet by using plastic sheetings.
  7. Put the smaller pieces and other ACM waste in sealed bags.
  8. Use damp rag to mop up any dust. It’s highly prohibited to use a vacuum cleaner or sweep the fibre as it will spread the dust further.
  9. The equipment should be wrapped by a plastic sheeting and be put in the approved bags before the disposal. Label the bags with a permanent marker as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
  10. All waste should be disposed of at a registered site which can legally receives ACM waste. Call the Mackay city council or visit Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency’s disposal website for the nearest disposal facility that can accept hazardous waste.

The Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) has stated that asbestos assessors and asbestos removal workers can conduct the ACM-related jobs safely. Two types of licenses has been established by the WHS. There are Class A and Class B certification.

  • Class A license holders are permitted to eliminate all types of ACMs, including friable and non-friable materials.
  • Class B license holders can only remove non-friable materials.

Friable material is an material that can be crushed by hand pressure and turned into powder. This kind of ACM poses a higher risk of exposing people to airborne fibres. While a non-friable material consists of a mixture of ACM fibres with other materials such as floor vinyl sheeting, wall sheeting, eaves, fencing, and others. This form of ACM may pose a risk when it is damaged or degraded.

Mackay asbestos roof removal process

Am I permitted to remove fibrous products Myself?

Asbestos removal is a complex procedure and can be highly dangerous. It is highly recommended for you to hire licensed contractors who are capable to pearform a clean and safe job. They will also provide disposal services in compliance with Queensland Government regulations.

Working with fibre products means that you need to adhere to protocols and guides to minimize the release of fibre, dust, or small particles from the friable material. It is suggested to hire Class-A licensed contractors to perform asbestos roof removal Mackay jobs.

NOTE: Undertaking a training course is needed if you consider to dismantle the fibers yourself. It is a must to ensure that you know how to handle the ACM safely.

Our members can help you to eliminate ACMs

Based on the Queensland legislation, works related to ACMs should only be performed by a licensed worker. We will connect you to Class A licensed contractors who are highly skilled and have vast experiences in doing asbestos removal works in residential and commercial settings. Our endorsed contractors are equipped with proper tools to do ACM-related jobs.

If you want to eliminate fibers from your property, contact our endorsed contractors right away!

Our approved removalists will do a safe roof removal Mackay job. Our contractors strive to deliver the desired result at a value cost to you. They will provide a work plan and timeline to ensure that the job keeps on track.

All the works will be carried out in accordance with national and local legislation’s and laws. Once the work is completed, the hazardous waste will be transported and disposed of in a legal site facility. You will receive the final written report after all the procedures are finished.

Get a high quality removal project at value prices by hiring our endorsed removalists!