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Asbestos Awareness : DIY asbestos Removal

The Queensland legislation clearly stated that asbestos removal Mackay process jobs should be performed by a licensed person. Asbestos Watch Mackay will connect you to Class-A licensed experts for all of your asbestos removal needs. Our specialists hold Class-A license, have undertaken training, highly skilled and have extensive experiences in doing fibre related works in residential, commercial and industrial settings. They are equipped with new and modern kits to perform the jobs properly.

The Australian government highly recommends you to hire a licensed removalist  for an asbestos removal project in your property. You are permitted to remove non-friable materials yourself. Also, DIY is permitted as long as you take appropriate safety precautions and the maximum area to be removed is less than 10 square meters.

Mackay asbestos removal

If you are removing more than 10 square meters of non-friable materials, then it is a must to hire a licensed removalist. Otherwise, you have to follow trainings to obtain a QLD safework removal certification. The training course must be run by TAFE or a certified training organization.

As for friable materials (loose fibre products), they must be removed only by a qualified removalist. You CANNOT remove it by yourself.

Refers to The Work Health and Safety Laws in Queensland (Read Chapter 6 for further detail on enclosures) :

How Can I Ensure a Safe Removal Job?

Fibrous materials can still be found in many homes and commercial buildings in Mackay,  especially those that built before the 1990s. The only way to dispose of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) without causing a health risk is by doing the disposal process safely and correctly.

Here are 3 examples to illustrate different situations for disposing of ACMs.

Example 1: You have a private business with fibrous product to remove

What to do : Regarding the amount of ACMs, private businesses must demolish and dispose of fibrous materials through a licensed contractor.

Example 2: You want to get rid of the fibre products from your garage

In domestic settings, you may disassemble the ACM by yourself as long as it is not more than 10 square meters. Usually you may found ACMs in your roofing sheets or fencing.

What to do: If you want to remove fibrous products by yourself, you MUST follow to these following steps to prevent fibre exposures.

  1. You must obtain and wear a disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) and an approved ACM dusk mask before handling ACMs.
  2. Do the elimination jobs ONLY when the weather is calm. It is to avoid the spread of fibre dust to your garage structures.
  3. Damp the structure with a mixture of water and soap to reduce the possibility of airborne fibres released as work progresses.
  4. Unbolt the complete sheets of ACM products and try to avoid breaking the ACM sheets into pieces.
  5. Use damp rag to mop up any dust. DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner or sweep it. That will spread the dust further.
  6. The roofing sheets should be double wrapped in plastic sheeting, sealed securely and labelled. Put the smaller pieces in the sealable plastic bags.
  7. All the equipment (clothing, mask, dustsheets and any other disposable items) should be wrapped in a similar manner and placed in the plastic bags or containers before disposal. Then you should labelled it as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
  8. Call the Mackay City Council for the nearest disposal facility that will accept hazardous waste or you can visit the Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency’s disposal database

Example 3 : You have some small pieces of ACMs around a domestic property

What to do : You can call the Mackay city council to locate the nearest site facility that will accept the waste. Be aware that fibrous products should NEVER be disposed of in a general waste bin. General waste is partially treated by manual handlers and any friable fibre placed in your trash bin poses a threat to the operatives who are dealing with your rubbish.


Can I Remove ACMs by Myself?

If you must eliminate fibers yourself, you MUST take precautions! Fibre demolition is a complicated procedure and can be a dangerous work. We highly recommend you to hire licensed contractors who will not only do the job safely and clean, but also dispose of the ACM waste in compliance with the Queensland Government regulations.

REMEMBER: If you really need to work with products that may contain fiber materials, you must adhere to the protocols and safety guides so there is a minimal release of fibers, dust or small particles from the ACMs.

Once again, it is recommended to hire a Class-A licensed contractor to perform asbestos removal Mackay jobs. If you still consider to demolish or dismantle the fibres by yourself, you must undertake a training course to ensure that you know how to handle it safely. However, if the material is in a powder form or can be crumbled easily, it must be removed by a licensed removalist.

asbestos removal Mackay process

If you suspect that your home contains asbestos, contact our endorsed contractors right away!

They will come to your place and do a thorough inspection within your building. The fibre testing will be done before conducting any ACM removal work. Our endorsed members will do sampling collection and bring the sample to an accredited laboratory. Our contractors will provide an ACM register and removal control plans to alert people around the area about the presence of fibrous products.

Our approved contractors will prepare a work plan to make your asbestos removal Mackay job keeps on the track and finish on time. Rest assured you will get high quality removal services at value prices.

Our endorsed assessors will supervise the work to ensure that the removal jobs are carried out in accordance with national and local laws. Once the work is completed, the hazardous waste will be transported and disposed of in a legal site facility. You will receive the final written report after all the procedures are finished.

What are you waiting for? Call our endrosed contractors and get the best asbestos removal Mackay services at value costs. Get your 3 free quotes now!