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Do I need An asbestos management plan (AMP) for my business?

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) stated that If you own a commercial building (such as a shop or a small industrial unit), you are responsible for carrying out your legal duty to manage asbestos in your property. Thus, an AMP is required in such property.

An AMP will alert people around the property to the possible presence of fibre products. The main objective of the management plan is to prevent exposure of airborne fibers to the staffs and area visitors. Before the developing the plan, an inspection is needed to be conducted first. This will help you to do risk assessments, determine control measures, and produce an asbestos register.

The AMP will involve:

  1. Stating the locations where asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) might be located
  2. Deciding what is essentials to prevent fibre exposures.
  3. Deciding what actions should be taken and how to implement them.
  4. Including checklist and overview of the implemented control measures.

Remember,  ACMs are dangerous when disturbed. This is why it is best to avoid unnecessary actions to avoid disturbance. If you are unsure, presume that the suspected product contains fibrous materials. When you need to do a testing or inspection, hire a licensed one.

Mackay asbestos management plan

How To Manage ACMs in a workplace : An Awareness Act

The Queensland city council has published a Code of Practice (2011) regarding to manage and control ACMs in workplace. In order to manage fibrous materials in your buildings, these following management processes will be involved :

1. Do a risk assessment

To manage the risk it poses,  you will need to identify asbestos in the workplace and record that in an asbestos register. Then you will need to assess the risk of exposure to airborne fibres. You will need to eliminate the risk by implementing suitable control measures.

The control measure must be considered according to the needs, whether to eliminate the risk (removing the fibre) or minimising the risk (enclosing, encapsulation, sealing or using certain tools). It is also important to review the implemented control measures periodically to ensure that they are effective.

2. Identifying the presence of fibres

Identifying the presence of fibres is the first step in managing the risk of exposure at your premise. As a property manager or owner, you must ensure that all fibrous materials are identified by a competent person who has gone training, familiar with construction practices and able to differentiate friable from non-friable materials.

  • These are important factors to consider when identifying fibrous products…..:
  • When was the building constructed? (A building built before the 1990s will most likely to contain fibrous materials)
  • What type of material was used to construct the building?
  • Talk to the designers, manufacturers or suppliers of the plant, or refer to design plans
  • Visually inspect the workplace to identify ACMs in accesible and inaccessible areas

3. Assuming that an ACM is present

Usually fibrous materials can be found in roofing sheets, fencing, floor vinyl sheeting products, and especially in wet area. If you are uncertain weather fibre is present in any part or structure of the plant, then the person with a control of the property can assume that an ACM is present. You need to treat the suspected material properly and get it analysed.

4. Doing an asbestos testing

As it may be difficult to tell whether a material contains fibres by simply looking at it (unless it’s labelled),  you need to do a test.  Perform sampling  and take the sample to an accredited laboratory to be analyzed.

5. Indicating the presence of fibers in the workplace

You can indicate the presence of fibers in a building by looking for labels or warning signs. The warning signs must be in accordance with AS 1319 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.

6. Assessing the risk of exposure

When deciding if there is a risk to health, you need to consider if the ACMs are:

  • In poor condition
  • Likely to deteriorate
  • Likely to be disturbed due to renovation or demolition works
  • In an area where people can be easily exposed to the material.

How  to write a sound asbestos management plan Mackay

If you own a business or a commercial building, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Before arranging any work to be done, you must to start with writing an AMP.

A good AMP should include :

  1. Who is responsible for managing ACMs
  2. Include an ACM register
  3. Plans for work on fibre materials
  4. Monitoring schedule of the materials’ condition
  5. Informing people about your decisions

The plan must state:

  • who is responsible to manage tge ACMs.
  • Where ACMs are found
  • What actions are implemented

You can make a written AMP or create it as a computer-based record.

Note : Make sure it is easy to find it when you or anyone else needs it. The AMP should also be updated periodically.

Develop your Asbestos Management Plan Mackay today

Certain protocols and procedures must be followed when you are handling fibrous products. Developing an AMP is a thing that can not be done by yourself. This means that a DIY attempt is not allowed since the work requires skill, knowledge and experience.

The Queensland governement highly recommends you to hire a removalist who has an A-class license and certification.

asbestos management plan Mackay

Why hiring a removalist through us?

  • Highly skilled removalists: Our endorsed contractors are capable to help you develop the plan. They are highly skilled and have vast experiences in handling ACMs in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We take pride in our contractors’ ability. Our endorsed contractors provide high quality services and strive to meet clients’ satisfaction. Rest assured you can get a quality AMP at value prices.
  • Quality services: Our licensed contractors will do a thorough inspection in your property to develop a proper AMP for your property. They will check your building and come up with a management plan for your building. A control plan will also be provided to alert people and reminded them to manage the identified fibrous products properly.
  • Perform removal works: If there is a damaged fibre product, they can safely remove it. Our endorsed removalists have been trained for asbestos removal Mackay jobs. They will do the removal job in the best and safest way possible. Moreover, our approved assessors will carry out air monitoring and post-inspection after the removal of friable or non-friable ACMs.
  • Equipped with modern tools: Our endorsed assessors are also equipped with standardized tools. Every dangerous material will be put in sealed bags after being wrapped in plastic sheetings to prevent the widespread of fibres. The hazardous waste will be disposed of at a legal disposal site that can receive asbestos-containing waste.

Get in touch with Asbestos Watch Mackay. Trust your Asbestos Management Plan Mackay to our approved contractors. Get the best AMP at a value cost!